Book Review: Popologetics

popologeticsToday Credo Magazine published a book review that I wrote for them on Dr. Ted Turnau’s new book Popologetics. Dr. Turnau is a lecturer of Cultural Studies and Religion in Prague, Czech Republic. He also did his PhD at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia under Dr. William Edgar in apologetics. You can check his personal website here.

The basic idea behind the book is to equip everyday, ordinary Christians to think theologically and critically about popular culture. In prior generations we have run to the hills and became recluse. Dr. Turnau challenges those fundamentalist tendencies by saying that interaction with the culture is actually a positive thing. He does so with a thoroughly biblical worldview, enabling him to appropriate cultural keys, ques, and quotes into their Christian context.

Even more then it being a great resource and gift to the church, it is a very engaging read as well. The author has a fantastic way with words and engaging his reader in a very pedagogical but entertaining fashion. I have no serious critiques of the book, just an over all great read! check out my review at Credo Magazine and give me some feedback.