Review on the T&T Clark Companion to the Septuagint

It has been a long time since I have tried to write on my own blog. It has been something I have missed a great deal, so I would like to begin writing here again. I will be focusing on topics surrounding or directly related to the Septuagint, with the hope of keeping people posted on what I have been reading, researching or just thinking about concerning the Greek Old Testament.

I thought a good place to start would be a post on my first book review of a volume on the Septuagintaitken-lxx. I was honored and privileged to have been able to submit a review of Dr. James Aitken’s T&T Clark Companion to the Septuagint to the Journal of Biblical and Theological Studies. I was very excited to submit this review because it is my first formal contribution to the field. I am thankful in particular to Dr. Daniel Diffey at JBTS, who was very gracious through the process of submitting my review.

Dr. Aitken is Lecturer in Hebrew, Old Testament and Second Temple Studies at Cambridge University. He truly is a Septuagint scholar par excellence which makes this volume so very exciting. The book is a little over a year old now, but still an excellent contribution to the field and would highly recommend it to everyone interested in Biblical Studies.

I will save the details of the book for the review, which you can read HERE! Enjoy.