Review of Fundamentals of New Testament Greek by Porter, Reed and O’Donnell

I am excited to say that I have published another book review through The Journal of Biblical and Theological Studies. This time I wrote a review on Stanley Porter, Jeffrey Reed, and Matthew O’Donnell’s greek grammar, Fundamentals of New Testament Greek.

In 2010 Stanley Porter put out this Grammar of New Testament Greek. Although it is older now, I thought it would be beneficial to go over the porter-nt-greekunique contribution that Porter makes to the breadth of Greek Grammars already available. Even after the amount of time that has lapsed since the Grammar was published, Porter still created a niche for the grammar to exist today. The contribution that this grammar makes is massive, despite some of the difficulties that I find with the grammar as mentioned in my review.

Again, I have to thank JBTS for allowing me to publish this review on their website, which you can check out here. The Journal of Bijbts-1-1-coverblical and Theological Studies is a new journal online right now, and just began printing through Wipf and Stock. I would recommend checking them out, they are a great resource.


Book Review: The God Who Became Human

Today, Credo Magazine published my review of Graham Cole’s book The God Who Became Human: A Biblical Theology of the Incarnation on their blog. Dr. Graham Cole is the Anglican Professor of Divinity at Beeson Divinity school. This book utilizes both a systematic and exegetical skill set. The reason that is so important is because Cole tries to find balance in understanding the incarnation. Although an academic piece, Cole writes in a way that keeps the book very hands on and accessible.

This book would be a great book to read through before the Christmas season hits. I read this book around that time last year and found it to really deepen my appreciation of Christmas and ultimately the Gospel. Any pastor or serious student of the Bible ought to have this book on their shelf.

Credo Magazine is an online magazine founded by Matthew Barrett. It is a ministry devoted to producing content to equip pastors and lay people. They are always seeking to put the best content and resources out for their readers. I have found this ministry to be helpful for my thinking in many areas. I am thankful for the work they are doing and the perspective they bring to the many other magazines and blogs out there. Credomag definitely stands out in a unique way.


Book Review: Popologetics

popologeticsToday Credo Magazine published a book review that I wrote for them on Dr. Ted Turnau’s new book Popologetics. Dr. Turnau is a lecturer of Cultural Studies and Religion in Prague, Czech Republic. He also did his PhD at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia under Dr. William Edgar in apologetics. You can check his personal website here.

The basic idea behind the book is to equip everyday, ordinary Christians to think theologically and critically about popular culture. In prior generations we have run to the hills and became recluse. Dr. Turnau challenges those fundamentalist tendencies by saying that interaction with the culture is actually a positive thing. He does so with a thoroughly biblical worldview, enabling him to appropriate cultural keys, ques, and quotes into their Christian context.

Even more then it being a great resource and gift to the church, it is a very engaging read as well. The author has a fantastic way with words and engaging his reader in a very pedagogical but entertaining fashion. I have no serious critiques of the book, just an over all great read! check out my review at Credo Magazine and give me some feedback.