Recommended Resources: D.A. Carson on the Parables of Jesus

The parables of Christ have been hotly debated since the 1st century, with questions like what’s the difference between a parable and an allegory? In this video D.A. Carson sheds a great deal of light on this controversial topic! Most Christians today seem to be ignorant of the fact that there is a hot debate on how to define what a parable might even be. This video helped me grapple with the debate, which tends to foster liberal ideas, yet Carson was able to maintain his evangelical sensibilities. Carson uses the question “why did Jesus speak in parables?” to tailor his definition of what a parable is. This is a long video but persevere it is worth your time! Leave comments, I would love to start a discussion on this topic.

Recommended Resources are posts devoted to videos, blogs, articles, and sermons that have helped me think through some more difficult topics. This segment of the blog is to develop fodder for thoughtfulness in deeper content issues.